Strong and Smooth Moves

Burn fat and build amazing strength and symmetry


This routine gives you 25 minutes of dynamic low impact cardio training and 25 minutes of highly effective strength training. Karen's fluid choreography and precise instructions keep the moves intense and effective yet completely safe.

The strength routine uses a 12-14 lb. weighted bar and/or a pair of 5-10 lb. dumbbells. You'll isolate and sculpt your inner thighs with Karen's innovative moves as well as tighten your butt, abs and upper body. For maximum results, sometimes its a good idea to "switch out" the weighted bar and just use the dumbbells. When your arms have to raise individual weights in each hand, your shoulders work hard to stabilize your arms.

Strong and Smooth Moves will help burn off those extra pounds so you will have more energy, more self-confidence and the best physique around!

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