Total Body Training

Pilates based program using the Resist-a-Ring


If you don't have time to learn all the different  body disciplines in their purest form, Karen  fused the teachings of Joseph Pilates, yoga and ballet with her own sculpting techniques to bring you a super tune up for your entire body.

All the exercises in this 50-minute workout are done on the floor so its perfect if you have foot, knee or back pain but want to stay in shape without doing lunges, squats and standing legwork.

You ll use a flexible ring rather than traditional weighted tools to develop control and gain strength without building bulk.

The Resist-a-Ring helps you intensify each movement by adding resistance. When squeezing the ring, you'll attack those hard-to-train areas like your inner thighs and glutes. Watch out, you might become aware of muscles you forgot you had!

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