Yoga Power

A Flexible Approach to Strength


Attain a beautiful body and strike a true balance between strength and flexibility and relaxation.

Get challenging standing yoga postures and relaxing, athletic-style floor stretches, exquisitely cued by this IDEA Instructor of the Year!

Yoga for Strength: 30 minutes of standing poses that flow from one move to the next to develop strength, stamina, coordination and balance. You’ll begin with a medley of classic yoga poses, from sun salutations and child's pose to warrior and plank (taught in a straight-forward fitness style )

Yoga for Stretch: 20 minutes of yoga postures done on the floor to help calm you down, increase your flexibility and make your muscles more supple.  This section emphasizes breathing and thorough deep muscle stretches.

Throughout the two routines, Karen’s cuing is calm, precise and detailed (she even explains how to position your toes).

Tools: A yoga block is used for some poses to improve stability and body positioning.

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